Sweeping tax cuts and 10 new freeports

Morning,UK Finance Minister Mr. Sunak isn’t yet tired of inflating the government’s push to hike the demand. Following his last week’s multi-billion pounds of the package, the Chancellor is anticipated, as per the Telegraph (UK), to introduce sweeping tax cuts and an...

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UK / EU Talks, UK interest rates, and US coronavirus status

Good Morning,The UK/EU trade talks continue this week in London after last week’s negotiations were cut short with little progress made.Both sides have agreed to accelerate talks but the main areas of disagreement: fishing access, the role of the ECJ, and a level...

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Jobs availability, The Sterling and Boris Johnson, Second Wave.

After the loss of 20m jobs in April alone for the US, expectations were high that May’s non-farm payrolls report would produce further job losses in the millions. This turned out to be far from true, as the numbers for May confounded expectations with 2.5m jobs added,...

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