Risk Management

When trading internationally, businesses acknowledge that there is a natural risk arising from currency fluctuations. It is essential to analyse exactly where the FX risks are and construct an effective strategy.

By managing your currency risk and limiting your foreign currency exposure, you can help protect your company and profit margins.

Once the risks have been established, the next step is to devise an appropriate hedging strategy that reduces the impact that currency movements can have on your company’s bottom line.

When implementing any strategy, we consider;

  • Where the likely FX risks are for your business
  • What the business is looking to achieve
  • Your treasury management structure
  • Payment terms with international suppliers
  • Your expectation of the market

Millbank FX creates unique solutions for your business which will be monitored and developed to suit your needs.

By understanding our clients’ long term business objectives, we are able to achieve a real impact on foreign exchange transactions through risk mitigation and increased efficiency.